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Be An Outsider

Be An Outsider


When was the last time you spent an entire day outside? Ok ok--maybe not the whole day--but a good portion. Unconnected, phone-free?

I don't think we do enough of this. This is why I love the LL Bean campaign "Be An Outsider"  which encourages young and old to get outside. The video campaign is pretty great too. 

Picnic snacks from  New England's Finest

Picnic snacks from New England's Finest

 A few weekends ago, I took CT Magazine's advice and drove around the Simsbury/Farmington area in search of a picnic spot. The foliage was incredible!


I eventually decided to stop at the Hill-Stead Farm for a quick bite to eat and to take in the sights. I threw down my Barbour scarf (this is what happens when you forget a picnic blanket!) and opened up my treats from New England's Finest. I was beyond impressed with the quality and taste of the locally sourced snacks.


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Dear 2018

Dear 2018

More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye