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Dear 2018

Dear 2018


Oh what a year--personally, professionally, politically--2017, you taught us all something. While many will reflect on the negatives of what 2017 brought, I want to remember 2017 as a year of educational setbacks and learning opportunities. Professionally, I was faced with a big decision: leave an organization I'm passionate about but don't fit into anymore or improvise? Personally, I asked a very similar question: stay in the suburbs or return to the city? While both answers surprised me in the end, they were right for me at this point in time. And not to mention I started this little page :) Politically, we were all rocked (and don't kid yourself because even my life-long, small town, blue collar, republican father was shocked by the results and after math).  

On 2017:

  • You taught us to remember our passions and to fight for them.
  • You taught us time is limited and to use it wisely.
  • You taught us to forgive, not necessarily to forget, but to move on.
  • You taught us to laugh through the pain--and the growing pains.
  • You taught us to be us. 
  • You taught us to invest in us--or money or the power of women. (Here's to you Ellevest)

Personally, there's not much I would change about 2017. I think it was the wake-up all we all needed. Every year around this time, and again in June, I like to set and evaluate goals--no I don't do resolutions. 

For 2018:

  • Take a continuing ed course. (I openly admit that I'm a nerd--I love to learn; it's part of the reason I'll never truly leave school)
  • Travel more.
  • Spend smarter. Save smarter. Here's looking at you, Ellevest.
  • Get more involved in my new community; join a board. 

What are your goals for 2018?



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