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The Happiness Planner {giveaway}

The Happiness Planner {giveaway}

I try to stay organized, especially when it comes to social obligations and my bills, but sometimes a girl just needs a little extra help! I religiously sync my phone with my google calendar but I also like to write everything down on paper (because you just never know!). Queue The Happiness Planner. This planner/agenda/life motivator is one of the best and most inspirational organizers I have found to date.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment about what makes you happy or what type of content you'd like to see on the blog.


Planner: c/o  The Happiness Planner . Folder: c/o  Graphique de France .

Planner: c/o The Happiness Planner. Folder: c/o Graphique de France.

Why it's worth it:

  • The ease of use: this is one of the most functional planners I have ever used. I really appreciate it's versatility. It can be used for school, work, social planning, finances, heck even blogging.
  • The details: nothing was overlooked on this front. Each page has meaningful space and inspirational quotes to keep you on task.
  • The positive message: the brand embraces the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development (and let me tell you it succeeds at doing this). 
  • Girl Power: Founder and CEO, Mo Seetubtim, is the definition of #GirlBoss. She brings  to light the importance of inner peace, inspiration, and organization.
  • For reminding you what really makes you happy. For me that's: my puppy, travel, a good workout, time spent at the barn, laughing with girl firends, or a meal with good conversation.
  • The App (and the email series)!
Caffeine addict:  coffee will always make my top five list of what makes me happy.

Caffeine addict: coffee will always make my top five list of what makes me happy.

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