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Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings

May isn't even halfway over and it's already been a busy one! Here's a quick recap of what's been on my radar this month: 

- Webinars with Career Contessa. If there was ever a good reason to eat lunch at your desk, this is it. Talk about relevant, current, to the point, and solid career and life advice. 

- Local loving: Heirloom Market. Part local routes cafe part nursery; equal parts perfection. Plus, the best avocado toast I've found in the entire state of Connecticut.

- Made in the USA: Ramos Mode NYC. Ramos was kind enough to send me their camel wristlet. I love the quality and the craftsmanship put into their handmade pieces. 

- POLO OPENING DAY! Excited to get back out there at both Greenwich Polo and Simsbury Polo this year.

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