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Love Coffee, Love People

Love Coffee, Love People

As you walk into one of my favorite local coffee shops (Silk City), you're greeted by a bulletin board. Across the top it reads, "LOVE COFFEE, LOVE PEOPLE".

As a nation, we've recently watched in horrified shock as scenes of brutality strike again and again. But I'm reminded, that close to home, we are trying SO hard to combat that.

In both Manhattan and CT, I've witnessed the importance of the local coffee shop. It's here that real conversations happen, and often a lot of good, all over a cup of joe. There's something about these local places that brings people together and empowers them to meet each other's needs.

Silk City prides itself for being able to give a portion of proceeds to support programs that bring hope to the area. It's a lot more than "just being a regular" and having your order memorized by the barista, it's the communal atmosphere that is offered and created between bites of morning muffins and late night espressos. 

In nearby Hartford, Sarah’s Coffee House has perfected the idea of bringing social entrepreneurship to the masses. In buying a morning cup of coffee here, patrons support local and international community initiatives. 

Similarly, Blue State Coffee has fostered the idea of philanthropy. Since opening their first store in July of 2007, Blue State Coffee has donated over $750,000 to more than 250 non-profit organizations. 

In an industry driven by convenience and speed, these small shops--and many more--have been able to get people to slow down and actually care again--to actually talk

What does your local coffee shop mean to you--to your community?

Photos provided by Silk City website/instagram. 


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