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Perfect Match

Perfect Match


However you're celebrating Valentine's Day this year, it's important to remember that love comes in all shapes and sizes, all types, and crosses all boundaries. 

If you're looking for a great, last minute gift for that long-distance love I have a few great options for you! First up is Sweet Whistle. This luxury and custom gift box company lets you hand select items for your loved one--or you can select from boxes they have already curated! Either way you can't go wrong. Each box also comes with a hand written note from the team--so special! Take a look at the "Glam Gift" box below. 


I also highly recommend gifts that go beyond merchandize and chachki. Maybe a donation to your favorite charity or nonprofit in honor of you loved one? Some of my favorites include:

Planting 50 bulbs in honor of your loved one at Central Park.

Send a Valentine to kids at LA Children's Hospital. 

Spread love and warmth around the globe with Save the Children. 

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Thank you to Sweet Whistle for sponsoring this post.

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