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Solo Travel

Solo Travel


Hello friends! It’s been a while, huh?

I’m back on the blog after a hiatus with a few fun stories and upcoming projects to share.

Most recently, I spent a few weeks in Spain and Portugal; traveling solo! It was one of those bucket list things that pushed me a little outside of my comfort zone and cleared my head.

Sharing some tips and tricks for solo travel below.


Tip One: Google Maps pins and download

Right before my trip I learned that you can download an area of Google Maps to use offline. GOLD MINE. This is great for international trips when relying a lot on WiFi. Downloading map areas ahead of time allows you to search and get directions without WiFi! I loved this feature. I also used Instagram and asked friends for recommendations of sights and restaurants that I was able to save a head of time.

Tip Two: Hotels

While I would have loved to stay in hostels or Airbnbs for a more “authentic” experience, I chose hotels for this trip. I personally felt a little safer and actually used rewards points for my entire stay (thanks SPG!) However, for the more authentic feel, I chose hotel locations not in the heart of the tourist areas. I loved this and was able to eat at more “local” spots.

Tip Three: Airbnb Experiences

I stumbled upon Airbnb Experiences just before I left. I wanted to book some sort of “excursion” before I left and liked the ease of the search tool on Airbnb. Airbnb lets you search via location, type of experience, and even has “social change” options! I booked a sunset cruise and an olive oil tasting experience (for a grand total of $40) and liked that it was via a reliable site. I highly recommend for foreign and domestic trips.

Tip Four: A Careful, Care-Free Attitude

What do I mean by this? Take that photo with the selfie-stick or tripod (here’s my reliable find for $5), eat out alone, talk to strangers BUT always be aware of your surrounds. I loved taking a book to the local coffee spot or chatting up a local at a neighboring table. But my spontaneity was always paired with a lot of observation, especially at night.



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