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What's really important

What's really important

Life has been a little busy lately (ok ok...hectic), hence my absence here. I started a new job, unexpectedly learned I had to move, and somehow quickly made it all happen. I started this space because I needed a creative outlet. I was miserable at work and it was effecting more of my life than I care to admit out loud. People will take away from this page what they want, see what they want, believe what they want; but at the end of the day I started this page for me and to share my ideas. 


Blogging is seemingly all about appearances. The best photos, the best "content", and pretty damn deliberate branding. Especially this time of year, as the Super Bowl passes and Valentine's Day approaches, it feels like we're constantly surrounded by a lot perfectly staged scenarios. And don't get me wrong, most of the time blogging IS about presenting your best self. It has been shaped into a platform on how to present life is at its very "best". But it seems that this has surpassed blogging to enter our daily lives as well. Scrolling through Instagram you see it, even on Facebook. Hell, even I'm guilty of it.

For the past month though...well past few months (hence the lack of picture-perfect images, etc), things have been less than perfect. I was living in a half packed apartment, traveling for work and family constantly, skipping the gym, and going on a string of bad? awful? dates, again and again. So why didn't I post about that? Was I just unmotivated or too afraid to share that side--the real side? Did I subconsciously take the fun out of blogging to keep up with the Jones's? 

I can confidently say I am back on solid ground, in a new apartment that I LOVE (sans roommates). But with that, my rent has doubled and so has so of my stress. So, no you won't find my posting about the next "it bag" or "make-up how to's". But--I do work with brands. Why? Because I love it! I love communicating with new and up-and-coming companies about what excites them, shared passions, and hearing their stories.

So I promise more honesty, more transparency. At the end of the day that's what really matters! Not the next fad, the quality experiences. I'm working on a more simple way of living. Let's see what that brings.

xx CLP


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Friday 5

Friday 5

Dear 2018

Dear 2018