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Why International Women's Day Matters

Why International Women's Day Matters

Why does International Women's Day Matter?


Without realizing it, and at times trying to deny it, the issue of gender equality has slowly become a passion of mine. Since an early age, I have always been told "I could be whatever I wanted when I grew up"--which is something I believe most kids of the 90s heard.

I was sent to an all-girls high school, where the same ideals were reinforced. I went to a large, liberal public university and never thought the wiser. And then reality hit. At age 22, after being molded for nearly 2 decades in a world of "you can be whatever you want", I slowly learned that was true--but only to an extent (even in a field dominated by women). I slowly realized the glass ceiling still exists, the "boys club" still exists, and while women are represented on most executive counsels, they are few and far between. 

This is where I paused and reacted in a way that still shocks me: I decided this was my cause.

In the nonprofit sector we constantly talk about impact...almost to the point where it's become a meaningless buzzword. But one of the few times it's still "impactful" if you will, is when a donor is asked "what type of impact will be most meaningful to you?". So after a number of personal life events, I realized it troubled me to think of raising a daughter in today's world of inequality; and I I had to fix it. 

I'm proud to say that the nonprofit sector has loudly stepped up to the plate; as it should. Since 1870 (yes that's how long this movement has been going on folks), private philanthropy has spearheaded the Women's Movement. 

So. Why does International Women's Day matter? Just to name a few:

  • Women bring something to the table. To the board room to be exact. Let's be real, the glass ceiling still exists; the pay gap still exists. Yet more women go to college now...more women receive a Master's Degree too. Oh...and Harvard just proved that women are more effective leaders. Just saying. And yet we continue to have to fight to not only get to the table, but stay at it.




  • Trying until you succeed. If this movement doesn't teach resilience I'm not sure what will. 

xx CLP

Image via my favorite ladies at  ADay

Image via my favorite ladies at ADay


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