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How I source furniture

How I source furniture


If you follow along on my Instagram, you know from my stories that I have purchased a good portion of my furniture from Craigslist. Other than the obvious with thrifting furniture (saving $$) I love the hunt for a good deal. I also love the one-of-a-kind pieces and amazing stories that come along with them. Like the cane bar seats above (that I scored for $20!) from a home in northern CT that came with the house back in the 50s. My dad (an engineer) has always found a way to bring pieces back to the slab of marble below (that we found on the side of the road) that he repurposed into a table top for me. I love that I'm not only getting good quality pieces but I'm recycling in a sense too. 

My go-to online sourcing destinations:

- Craigslist: oldy but a goody for obvious reasons. Be sure to brush up on synonyms. Erin Kenstenbaum expands on all this. My secret weapon the "garage sale" tab. It's a great way to find upcoming, local estate and yard sales.

- Facebook Martketplace: ok I was really late to the game on this one. But I'm hooked now! I've also sold a few pieces via this platform and I'm really impressed with it's ease of use.

- Etsy shops: I usually use Etsy as a starting place for keywords and ideas. 

- Instagram: there are a surprising number of vintage piece collections that are sold via instagram. I purchased the above magazine rack from Maria and have nothing but good things to say. The only downside is timing and quick sales.

Some of my best thrifting advice is already summarized by my gal Sarah over at DC to a T. I also love her tips for scoring pieces here


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