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How I want to change the world

How I want to change the world

I (finally) walked to have my Master's of Nonprofit Management conferred last weekend. Yes, finally...I was technically done a year ago but that's an entirely different story. Returning to New York (and surprisingly listening to the commencement address) inspired me to reflect on the past year. 

After graduating from undergrad in 2014, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. As a stereotypical Type A, INTJ, planner, this was extremely challenging for me to face. So I took a job for my alma mater doing a few things I do best: talking, traveling, and networking. After spending nearly three months on the road recruiting for my alma mater and reflecting on my personal goals I came home renewed and with a new perspective. My time on the road reminded me where I loved to spend time: helping and connecting others through good causes. This led me to Columbia, and the one of the best years of my life. 

Fast forward, six months and this suburban CT girl was head over heels with NYC and taking in everything there was to know and learn about nonprofits (yeah...I'm a nerd). And let me tell you there was a lot to learn....planned giving, donor advised funds, and don't even get me started on financial management...and a lot to learn about the city as the fact that metrocards are rechargeable and you in fact do not have to buy a new one every time your balance is low (guilty). But I made it through because of an amazingly supportive family, incredible old friends who kept me sane, inspiring new friends who love nonprofits equally, and the world's best faculty. 

My time in the city inspired me to look at all types of nonprofits--both large and small, it took me deep within Harlem, and to events hosted on Museum Mile. And that is what I love about a career in philanthropy: the diversity. Through nonprofit work you have opportunity to meet both the changemakers and those in greatest need. Through philanthropy we have the chance to drastically improve lives and make a difference. 

On a weekly basis there are SO many opportunities right in your backyard to make that change. I'm not talking about attending galas and writing big checks (although hey, that's great too and I love a good gala). I'm talking about the small fundraiser--the 10% goes to charity if you buy a coffee on X day; the volunteer days with your alma mater or workplace. 

So I'm going to start sharing fun events with a nonprofit connection for greater awareness. I'd love your feedback!

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