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Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings

- Personal days: Some days you just need a mental health day, for me that was last week. After back to back weekends of travel, stress at work, and gorgeous weather, I took a few personal days and finally rode some ponies. Mental/personal health is so so important and so often overlooked. Highly recommend Hallie's post on this topic.

- Tenacity Jeans: girls with a booty LISTEN UP. I hate jeans. HATE HATE HATE HATE. Nothing fits right length-wise, in my waist, properly covers my booty, etc. Until now. Finally a pair of jeans that actually are made to fit properly if you have some curves. 


- The rise of women in business. This is important. Enough said.

- CT Wine Trail Passports. In case you've been looking for an excuse to grab your girlfriends and hit the vineyard. I've been to 4 tastings so far this summer with friends. I'm always blown away by the gorgeous vineyards we have right here in CT.

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Getting Inspired

Getting Inspired

On what I learned this year {25}

On what I learned this year {25}